Hunger Is An Outdated Problem

We aim to alleviate hunger by eliminating waste culture and enabling the transfer of food from those with extra to those in need. Transfernation is a cultural movement. We aspire to make the preservation of extra food such an integral part of peoples everyday lives, that waste-culture is eliminated or significantly reduced in the United States.

We work on the basis of two online platforms: a website and a smartphone app, that connect those with extra food to those who need it. We connect corporations to social institutions so that all the extra food from corporate events can be re-purposed and redistributed instead of being thrown away. Currently we waste about forty percent of the food produced in America and if we were able to redistribute that food we would have more than enough to end hunger in America. Essentially we combat hunger by eliminating waste culture and utilizing what we already have instead of investing in what we can't afford.

We Have An Up-To-Date Solution